Our mission is to make every Traderex student financially independent.

In the time of globalization and the internet investing on the stock exchange gives freedom. The freedom of investment from any place, in any market.

With us and our shared knowledge you will meet your dreams of becoming the Wall Street Trader.

We will make you an aware and self-confident stock-exchange speculator.

You will become an efficient Trader.

We will teach you how to selectively choose the information, which will allow you, based on the gained knowledge, to make accurate trading decisions.

We will show you how to multiply your profits through various implements.

We will teach you market management.

You will get to know the matter of trading psychology.

You will gain knowledge of how to choose co-partnerships for the game.

Only here you will master the strategies used by professional Traders and use them in your own business.

On our course we bet on efficiency resulting from practice. We only show the elements necessary for the effective stock market trading, and hence – the success! We discuss our own, used techniques and formations alone.

The course leader is a professional exchange trader with nine years of experience. Graduate of many schools and courses.

This is the only course of Day Training, which completion provides skills needed for investing in New York exchange, with guaranteed safe financial leverage 12:1, offered by our partner trader, allowing faster intensifying of your goal.



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